Principal Message

Dapinder Kaur

Education is the most fundamental craft of deliverance of knowledge from human to human planting the roots of curiosity, compassion and wisdom igniting young minds, stimulating reasoning, original thinking reaching to the hearts and uplifting the souls. A sacred journey traversed jointly by the teachers and learners relishing the spirit of togetherness. In school system, our teachers and learners grow together as our pedagogical practices are in alignment with the evolving needs flexibility in content and curriculum, adaptable to new age skills and tools, collaborative approaches are the hall marks of us where children not only learn but celebrate life in its full vitality and vibrancy. At the time of admission to school,  school is the whole world to them but at the time of leaving they are ready to  take the whole world as school – we plant school within them and nourish them with a gift of learning to learn ………………….